Water Erasable Fabric Marking Chako Ace Pen Multi 4 colours


Water Erasable Marking pens works well on all kinds of fabric useful for marking lines or patterns for embroidery, dressmaking, crossstitch, quilting, hotfix, bling, stencils and many more craft projects. The lines can be erased easily by just wiping with water.


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Product Description

Water  Erasable Marking Pen

Quantity: 4 pieces

Colour: Purple, Pink, Blue, White


The water erasable pens are handy for any crafters Tool kit. Use the pen to mark quilting lines, draw embroidery patterns, transfer patterns through stencils, dressmaking, cross stitch, needlework and many other uses. The good thing about these pens are when used on fabric the lines or marks can be removed by simply wiping it with water.

Always try on scrap material before using on any project.

Other colours also available (see photo)

Made in Japan