Potato Clay (Porcelain Like) 300gm Air Dry Paper Magiclay


Potato Clay Magiclay is a lightweight, soft and elastic modelling compound. Paper magiclay air dries in hours resembling a porcelain like texture when dry.  It can be pulled, stretched, rolled, shaped, cut, stamped, and pressed to suit a wide variety of art or scupture projects.

Paper Magiclay can be used with Silicone moulds for Mixed media, Cardmaking, Scrapbooking, DIY, Invitations, Weddings, Cake Decorating, Jewellry Making, Polymer Clay …..Create your own Embellisments and Lace.

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Product Description

Potato Clay – Porcelain Like
Weight 300 gm
Potato clay is made from specially produced potato powder
The clay looks cream when it dries, taking on almost porcelain like qualities. It also has water-proof qualities
Potato Clay is soft, smooth, and malleable. this material is good for fine detail work
Use freely with acrylic pigment or not transparent water colours to add colour
Reseal unused clay in original plastic wrap to prevent drying
The material is for air drying only (not oven baking)
Very elastic and soft like chewing gum or soft potato dough
Very soft and easy to work and shape
Excellent wet to wet
No residue on Hands or surfaces
Holds its shape when wet
Mixing with Magiclay will make the potato clay softer.
Drying time. will form skin over and touch dry within four hours

Applications models, craft, design and technology projects, jewellery , bowls, porcelain work

Non toxic but non edible