Multi Red/White/Gold Mesh Trim Ribbon Sheet three pieces 20x30cm


Mesh trim Ribbon sheet….the trim is 20cm wide and has been cut up in 30 cm length…approximately A4 size sheet. Also Available in meter lengths as well as full 30 meter rolls

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Product Description

Mesh Trim Sheet

Colour: one sheet of each colour red/white/gold

Size: 20cm x 30cm

Quantity: 3 sheets

This trim is also available in meter length as well as a full 30 meter roll

Trim DOES NOT come on a roll. All trims will be folded and sent flatpack so may have creases

(when buying several meters we will try to send the trim in one lenght, but sometimes sending in one piece is not possible when buying large lenghts)


Use the trim for Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Papercraft, Cardmaking, Invitations, Home Decore, DIY, Wedding

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