Metal Trim #27 Ribbon Lace Ironworks Embossed Mixed media Craft


Embossed Metal / Tin Lace Ribbon Trim for craft

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Product Description

 Embossed Metal Trim Lace

Colour: Silver Tin with Rust

Size :  190mm wide x 28 mm 

Metal Trim/Ribbon is Flexible and can be easily bent with hands. The trim has lots of dents and bends which gives it the natural rustic charm

Perfect for Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Craft projects, Wooden boxes, frames, wrap candles, miniatures. Use it to accent home decore. The Trim has rust and gives a rustic touch to your projects. See Sample photos for ideas.

The Trim is very pliable and can be easily cut using sturdy scissors or use tin snips.

Caution: This trim/ribbon has SHARP EDGES. Please HANDLE WITH CARE. The trim has some grease / oil



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